Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

To improve the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of Palestinian youth in Ramallah and the surrounding areas so that they can become creative and productive members of society through technological education, vocational training, music and arts instruction, communication skills development, and the building of intercultural understanding.

Our Objectives

  •  Provide our students with a quality technological education that teaches them how to identify and solve problems, including the design of basic systems to assist with problem solving.
  • Improve employment prospects for our students by providing them with opportunities to be creative and by building the self confidence needed to fit into the fast changing world of technology.
  • Supply our students with vocational training courses that are based on Palestinian labor market needs and designed to improve opportunities in Palestinian society. 
  • Provide those students who are unable to meet academic standards with an apprenticeship program that can give them the tools to achieve financial security.
  • Offer social, physical, musical and artistic programs and activities to help our youth to think positively and regain hope for the future.
  • Create and develop new training programs as needed.