Technological Education Program

The primary goal in the technology program is to supply hands-on experience to teach practical applications of science and technology and the skills to identify and solve problems. The secondary goal is to give students opportunities to identify vocational skills and access training opportunities before graduating high school. In addition, we provide guidance and counseling to help students make wise career decisions. All facilities and equipment are utilized to the maximum by providing technology instruction and labs to 420 students from five private schools and two government schools.

The technology education program offers instruction through the:

  • Assembly of kits for Science & Technology training. Subjects include:
    • Principles of Modern Technology
    • Computerized Control of operations and processe
    • Application of technology to the graphic arts.
  • Assembly of electronic instrumentation, and equipment.
  • Technical drawing including traditional drafting procedures as well as an introduction to computer graphics using AutoCAD – a powerful computer-aided design and drafting program.
  • Basic study of mechanisms and structures using the K’nex program and model assembly kits.